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SEGA Luminista Figure | My Dress-Up Darling | Marin Kitagawa Sparkling After-School

SEGA Luminista Figure | My Dress-Up Darling | Marin Kitagawa Sparkling After-School

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From the popular anime series My Dress-Up Darling comes a brand new Luminasta figure of Marin Kitagawa. This approximately 7 inches tall figure features Marin Kitagawa in her school attire looking back with a big smile. Make sure to add this figure to your collection!

My Dress-Up Darling

Wakana Gojo's passion for crafting hina dolls causes him to hide his interests due to social trauma. However, when his classmate Marin Kitagawa discovers his talent, she sees beyond his apparent idiosyncrasies and encourages him to create cosplay costumes. With Marin's support, Wakana steps out of his seclusion and begins to gain confidence. Working together, they create unique and beautiful costumes showcasing their talents and true selves. (from Wikipedia)

Marin Kitagawa

A first-year student in Wakana's high school class. An archetype of a gyaru, notable for her warmth, friendliness, positivity, and outgoing nature. Marin is shown to dislike overly critical people who judge others based on their interests. She is a huge fan of anime, and her entire bedroom is decorated with anime posters and merchandise. After a series of successful cosplays, Marin grows closer to Wakana and eventually realizes she is head-over-heels in love with him. She continually does whatever she can to invite him to different places and spend time with him, as a way to win his heart and make him her boyfriend. She lives alone as her mother died when she was a child, and her father is often away due to work. (from Wikipedia)

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