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Re-Ment Blind Box | Kirby of the Stars | Swing Kirby in Dream Land

Re-Ment Blind Box | Kirby of the Stars | Swing Kirby in Dream Land

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Type: Blind Box Figures

Character List: 1, Sleep Kirby 2, Waddle Dee 3, Kirby & Ephrine 4, perfect Kirby 5, Ice Kirby & Chilly 6, Kirby & Mahoroa

Kirby hails from Planet Popstar, a yellow star, and spends most of his time in a territory called Dream Land. He has a pink, spherical, body with small stubby arms and large red feet. His body composition has not been revealed, but Kumazaki stated that his animation is based on "a human running energetically, with the thighs, knees, and ankles invisible, but nevertheless accounted for". His body is soft and flexible, allowing him to stretch or flatten and adopt different shapes, open his mouth very wide to inhale foes, or inflate himself with air and fly. Despite this malleability, certain parts of Kirby do not stretch in order to maintain his cuteness, such as the distance between his two eyes and between his eyes and mouth. Kirby is characterized by his childlike innocence and his insatiable appetite. When he swallows enemies, Kirby does not digest them in his stomach. Instead, they disappear and reappear somewhere in the game world. Kirby's official height is 20 cm (about 8 in). (from Wikipedia)

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