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Cowboy bebop Spike & Faye 1st GIG SET [repeat]

Cowboy bebop Spike & Faye 1st GIG SET [repeat]

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From MegaHouse comes a re-release of their action-packed figure set of Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop! Recreated in 1/8 scale, Spike and Faye are captured gracefully leaping to their sides and aiming down the barrel of their pistols with confident expressions while glass shatters behind them from the force of missed bullets.

Careful sculpting of Spike’s disheveled hair, the movement of his coat, and the folds in his jeans combined with the high quality paintwork bring him to life. While careful highlights make Faye’s metallic gold outfit and peach thigh-high tights shine. This set includes an additional shattered glass effect piece with the series’ logo and each character’s name written on their base. You know it’s a rare occasion that Spike and Faye team up, so be sure to add them to your collection while you can!

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