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SEGA Figure | DARLING in the FRANXX | Zero Two PM Figure

SEGA Figure | DARLING in the FRANXX | Zero Two PM Figure

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“I think I’ve taken a liking to you. How would you like to become my darling?”

Zero Two, the mischievous pilot for DARLING in the FRANXX, is beckoning you to add her to your collection! This prize figure of Zero Two portrays her in her dress uniform, a dapper red jacket and black leggings, with a pair of white boots to complete the look.

Enlist Zero Two to your figure roster by ordering today!

Darling in the Franxx
Giant robots called Franxx are piloted by artificially-created children termed "parasites". They face off against monsters called Klaxosaurs. The story focuses on one special squad of parasites, Squad 13, and our Main Character Hiro who is unable to pilot a Franxx due to circumstances later revealed in the series. Hiro meets Zero-Two and together Hiro is finally able to pilot a Franxx. The story then turns into a slice of life about Squad 13, and what makes them special. while it also Uncovers the mystery behind why/how humanity has gotten to this point. (from Quora)

Zero Two, also called Code:002 and 9'℩, is a fictional character in the Japanese anime television series Darling in the Franxx by A-1 Pictures, Trigger, and CloverWorks. She was designed as the most prominent character and icon of the series. Zero Two is an artificially-created life form who aspires to become fully human, and an elite pilot with an infamous reputation as the "Partner Killer". She is well known for addressing Hiro, the protagonist, by the eponymous term "darling". (from Wikipedia) 

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