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Naruto Cards T4W1 Naruto/Gaara

Naruto Cards T4W1 Naruto/Gaara

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The tier 4 booster boxes come with 18 packs, and every other pack has at least an SSR. Each pack comes with a tier-exclusive hologram HR card, two Rs, an SR, and an SSR or higher. 

Starting at wave 2, you also have a chance at pulling a BP which is exclusive to tier 4. There’s also a chance at pulling the rainbow SLR cards which are exclusive to only tier 4 and EX packs.

The first run of T4W4 included SE cards, which are panoramic pairs that were limited to 777 each. The second printing of T4W4 is the only way to pull the special 20th anniversary promo card featuring the 7th Hokage Naruto and childhood Naruto.

The new T4W5 box also comes with a chance at pulling serialized SEs. Jiraiya (SE-008) & Naruto (SE-007) limited to 199, Sasuke (SE-009) & Itachi (SE-010) to 699, and Tsunade (SE-011) & Sakura (SE-012) to 999. These numbered cards can fetch even more value than previous SEs due to scarcity.

Unlike other tiers, tier 4 boxes don’t come shrink wrapped. Instead they come with two sticker seals on each side.

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Please Note: This licensed product is brand new & factory sealed. In order to ensure our inventory integrity, we do not accept online returns of any trading card game items. 

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