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Bikkura Bath Ball | Spy x Family

Bikkura Bath Ball | Spy x Family

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From Spy x Family comes your favorite characters inside a bath ball that dissolves in water! Once fully dissolved either Anya Forger, Loid Forger, Yor Forger, Bond, or Damian Desmond will be revealed!

Anya Forger, formally known as Subject 007, is an escapee of an underground experiment which gave her telepathy, allowing her to read people’s thoughts. Utilizing her power, she was able to trick Loid Forger into adopting her on his path to creating a family as a cover for his spy work.

Loid Forger is one of the main characters of the SPYxFAMILY series. He gave up his entire life to become an undercover spy under the codename, Twilight. In his current mission, he must portray a family man, so he entered a marriage with Yor Briar and adopted Anya Forger.

As a form of camouflage, Yor Briar marries Loid Forger and becomes the adoptive mother of Anya Forger. While she moonlights as an ordinary clerk at the City Hall, she is actually an assassin who goes by the code name, “Thorn Princess.”

Bond Forger is the family pet and one of the main protagonists in the comedy anime series, SPYxFAMILY. Through various lab experiments, “Project Apple” has granted him clairvoyant abilities, allowing him to see images of the future. Through Anya’s ability to read minds, Bond is able to convey the future images to her in order to avoid possible dangers for her and her family. 

Damian is the second son of Donovan Desmond, the Chairman of the National Unity Party, and has gained high respected status by default in his school. Originally annoyed and angry towards Anya, he develops a secret crush on her that he wishes no one to know about.

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